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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ignorance is bliss, Knowing can drive you crazy

Bisphenol A (BPA)) is the latest buzz word to reduce the use of plastics in our daily lives. BPA is a hormone-mimicking chemical and is know for being a endocrine disruptor. It is also being said to aid in obesity, because the chemicals are changing the body’s metabolism. Back in the 1930 they worried that BPA was hazardous to humans but just lately the outcry of many consumers concerned over the amount of BPA in baby products. This is including the baby bottles. In turn has brought to light a new movement for BPA free items. With big bright stickers on the package stating BPA FREE...

With thinking of reducing the amount of plastic in my life I began to notice just how much is in my home. AND at work......  packages for many items I buy, the cooking, eating and baking items I use. I know that plastics with the recycling arrow with the number 3 and 7 contain BPA. 1,2,4,5 and 6 do not. #5 plastics are among the safest for not leaching BPA.  But many bowls, slotted spoons and etc don't have the wonderful recycling arrow so how do I know what this stuff is made out of.....

Plastic bags and plastic are dangerous to animals. I posted a power point blog post last year with pictures of animals encased in the plastic. The oceans have floated plastic debris  called the North Pacific Gyre that are as big as Texas and nature can't destroy it. So how is my body? I remember seeing Chris Jordan's Midway Message from the Gyre (warning not for younger viewers rated R in my book) pictures of albatross chicks that stomachs where full of plastic and how as the animal decayed the plastic did not...... Haunting.  Really haunting. 

Then I look at the pits in my plastic turner and spoon. Ok I have to get rid of these...  I have to.  I can just picture some photographer shooting picture of my family with pieces of cheap plastic ware chips in their bellies......  Ok not really but did wonder if the ocean, animals or anything can't break down the plastic what the heck is that doing to my family.  Of course they know me especially when I feel I must protect them.  

Well just like the post I do read to much!!  I started to feel the inch to replace many of my cooking items with not plastic. It was a burning inch. I had to fix this for my family.

First stop was Deals.  I got 2 mixing bowls:  one huge the other one was smaller.  I told the girls that the in-between size  projects use the casserole bowls, they say ok great idea! Plus they had a slotted spoon, a cookie turner (it was so cute), a serving spoon, a ladle  and clips for packages that where steel. YEA!  Under ten dollars. YES!

Miss Animal Rights needed some undergarments and will not get them from a resale shop. Ok I say I understand and yes we get undergarments new.  So I went looking at the cooking section. I found measuring spoons and cups for a good price,  I tease the girls that the strainer was next time and they talked me into this time.  "it's a good price." they said.  Then  told me "you know it will drive you crazy every time one of us use the old plastic one.............. " So I got it. Ok again under 10 dollars. Yea!!

My collection of shiny steel and ok a handle has plastic.  Shiny... pretty safer for my family I feel better now.....  But still wonder if giving my old plastic ware to Good Will is a bad thing......


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