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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I tripped over it on my way in the front door.......

The dang phone-book! It was in the bag sit close to the door but with a few grocery bags I didn't see it.  I hate that!  I swear that happens every year.  The thing is always put away and forgotten.  Here I get about 3.  I get the city phone book.  I get the neighboring area phone book.  Then I get a business one.  I really don't need one let a lone three!  Once in a  while we use the city book but most of the year it sits in the little hiding place we find for them.

So yes I rejoiced when I saw the Ban The Phone Book site I had to check it out. Only around 15% of these books get recycled. It costs close to 17 million each year to print these books. It takes up to 5 million tress to produce. That would like cutting down trees to let rot.

Now I know some people use there phone books they don't have a computer connection or maybe a cell phone. But the petition is not to end phone books but to let us choice to get one.  Sign the petition  to create an opt-in delivery program.  It at the very top right hand corner you can't miss it.

Save a tree or maybe a million trees!
Added bonus to get the picture of my friend Tigger hugging a tree go to Super Coloring pages I know that the paper wouldn't be wasted;)

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