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Friday, January 15, 2010


bhut jolokia.  Nicknamed the ghost chili pepper.  Tech made some ghost chili last night.  Yea he is the spicy hot the better, the more burn  the better guy.  He put about 2 tablespoons of dried ghost pepper in the pot.
  Ok I not the hot the better type but thought why not try this......... Just a taste.  I love crackers in my chili and dripped one in.  It tasted good. I took a spoonful. Yum. More crackers.. Yum then OMG get the milk!!! My lips started to burn.  My goodness this is hot.  I burped like 4 and half hours later and felt like my mouth was just lit up........... LOL.  He took it in to work cause the guys want to try it.... A group of guys in a office after eating very hot chili....... giggles.... I am glad I don't work there. 
The girls said NO WAY.. They are smart....

So this is what I learned about the ghost chili and how hot it really is. I guess I should KNOWN after last night....

Capsaicin is chemicalthat causes the heat.  They rank or score the pepper by  Scoville units. They identifies  and measures amount of Capsaicin in the peppers A measurement of one part capsaicin per million corresponds to about 15 Scoville units.  Ok so what does that mean?  I found this info to better explain just how hot this pepper is. 
tabasco sauce ranges -2,500 to 5,000
jalapeno pepper - 2,500 to 8,000
Red Savina habanero, -580,000
bhut jolokia - 1,001,304

The cool thing I also learned that they believe that this pepper is good cure for stomach problems.
Well maybe my stomach doesn't burn like most spicy foods can do.... Not sure I would try this when it hurts! 


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