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Friday, January 29, 2010

They know their numbers!

The girls know their numbers! Yea  they are like young adults. But I am talking about  the recycling numbers of plastics recycling.............. I am so proud.  They were helping clean out the refrigerator when they began to look at the bottom of many items we have bought and looking at the number in the middle of the recycle arrows.  Look the sour cream; it is a 5!  Most drinks are a 2 etc...  Hey they were having a good time and my refrigerator was getting cleaned!!
    Miss animal rights has little nick names for some of the plastics.  Number one is of course PETE so she began to nick name some  the rest........ Number 2 is hope (on plastic is HDPE.)  5 (PP) is the best for food because there is no BPA she named The food plastic.  Oh they know what that BPA means too....... Both 2 and 5 was reported to be good for food.  Depends on who you read.
  They found and was very upset that we had some plastic containers that where older with the number 7.  Both Smiley and Miss animal Rights said at the same time...... the BPA junk plastic.  Ok I did tell them that 7 was plastic of Other (all the other stuff) and that it's the plastic that has BPA. That it was the plastic stuff that was the cheapest to make. And that why is was so popular to use.  So we went threw our plastic containers and had to recycle  many!   When telling Tech about it they both told him that 3,6 and 7 have BPA or are bad for your health.  Almost  like a song they sang together.
I am so proud!



  1. Yay I'm proud of them too! Love your banner and the picture of the tree to the right is beautiful!
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    You can find me @ http://www.takingtimeformommy.com

  2. Following from MBC FFF. :) - Victoria




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