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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Junk Mail Magic Words: "please do not rent, sell, or trade my name or address"

This morning I been reading some eco-friendly sites and found my self at Eco-cycle. I found some information about removing my name from list for junk mail.

first thing you can do is to sign up with a remove your name organization DMA.  Print there form here.  It only cost a dollar! however the mail addressed to “resident” or “occupant” cannot be stopped through the DMA. Like the ads for the stores in your area.

Any time you fill out a form including the warranty cards cards. Include the Magic words: "please do not rent, sell, or trade my name or address" Oh no I did just fill out on line 2 warranties........ guess I have to go with the other ideas if my name has been sold..... Plus you don't have to fill out anything more than the name address and product information on the card.

Call the 1-800 numbers to stop catalogs. Some where usually by the address of the company is a 1-800 number for customer service. Call that number and ask for your name to be removed form the list.

If you see anything like this on the mail:
* return service requested
* forwarding service requested
* address service requested
* change service requested.

You can return to the company with "refused, returned to sender" written on the unopened envelope.

Granted there are companies out there that will charge you to help get your name off the lists, but I really don't keep the junk mail to be able to fill out the forms. They are shredded and put in the recycling bin or compost pile. Plain paper no shinny paper can be shredded and put int he compost pile. Add like you would the yard waste.

Then I see how to get my name removed from the phone book list... Cool! A little to late this year but I can do this for next year. Oh yea and the Verizen book will be coming soon......... I don't know why I get the Verizen book but I get like 3 phone books..

* DEX: 1-877-243-8339
* Yellow Book: 1-800-929-3556 -- renew every two years
* Verizon: 1-888-266-5765


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