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Sunday, January 10, 2010

bacteria grown in feces now on sale at your fast food place

I have I was in shocl when I saw the Digg post of 48% of Soda Fountains Contain Bacteria from S&*t. 
AND 11% contained E. Coli,. Just gross....

I used to work in a couple fast food places and really had a hard time with the ice bins. Guess it was my curse to get to clean them when it came to the snow days of slow business. But if you could see the slime, black mold and paper things that I found while cleaning them you would also ask for no ice please. I did train a couple stores in the area how to remove the nozzles off the soda machines to clean. One store I had to spray water threw and thick snot looking stuff came out. It was gross.

But I believe that it is because most people don't wash their hands well. Yep I said it. Have you seen the 20/20 shows or reports on local news where they test the sinks, door handles and even women's purses. They find fecal matter and bacteria on them. Guess I will not be eating that here...........
No fecal matter with that drink please. YUK! Gross!

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