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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I do read to much!!

My poor four legged companions are confused! Seeing how I read online that BPA plus 42 chemicals that were 5 times higher levels that are found in humans. This more likely to damage our pets like our babies or elderly. I was reading some info on Pets for the Environment and came across this info. I made me so crazy that I had to go out and get new food and water dishes for my animals. My four legged babies. I took away their plastic dishes the ones they considered their own! Well the dog was the most upset, he keep looking at his red bowl and then whining. Well we did tell him we had something for him and when he looked in the bag was not very happy there was NO TOY.

Bisphenol A or BPA is a additive that is added to plastic to keep it from shattering. It has been found to cause health problems from the plastic breaking down and BPA leeching into the food. It is a known endocrine disruptor; damaging the endocrine system which regulates metabolism, growth, development, puberty, tissue function and also helps with determining mood. That's one reason why I don't microwave foods in plastic and cool my foods before placing them in freezer containers to freeze. PLUS why you should keep old plastic containers for food. I use them to hold craft items or odds and ends. Plastics with the recycling arrow with the number 3 and 7 contain BPA. 1,2,4,5 and 6 do not.

Plastic dishes can get scratched and hind all kinds of nasty things in the little grooves. That the kitties can get a condition called kitty acne. Bumps around their face. Our cats have these bumps at the neck, we thought they where from the fleas, like bite that scabbed over. But as I watched Old Princess drink from the mudroom water-dish and noticed that those bumps are right where she leans on the water-dish to drink! I decided that I had to get new water dishes right then. Plus the dog has these bumps too. These scratches can hold bacteria, fungus and germs. Not good for anyone!

So it was late when I was reading this and said I have to get new dishes for my animals. I began to look on line for sales. I saw a add for melamine food dish. I thought to myself, melamine, melamine that sounds familiar. After googling melamine I found out it the stuff that is often combined with formaldehyde in floor tiles, kitchenware, fire retardant fabrics cleaning products, fertilizers and pesticides. That in 2008 killed 6 children and hospitalized 150,000 year after it was added to milk to increase its apparent protein content. Baby formula included. Some children may have life-long chronic kidney problems. I remember that and I also remember that before the baby formula that pets where dying from the same exposure! Yep the recall of pet foods, was due to melamine poisoning. Exposure to melamine in the right amounts (is any exposure acceptable?) can cause kidney failure and death. AND they still sell pet dishes made with this stuff and even tableware! They have found some tableware leach considerable amounts of melamine! And we place our food on it. Our four legged family member eat everyday from it.......

Our animals are showing the effects of this exposure. There has been a growing number of hyperthyroidism in cats
cancer in dogs. The top three are fire retardant chemicals, teflon non-stick coating and plastic exposure. I don't use teflon cookware any more after learning the teflon flakes off and we eat these flakes, poisoning our food. I have hard ionized cookware that cleans even better than telfon even burnt on foods, just soak for a while and wash!

So I had to go get some shinny new bowls for my pets. I found a ceramic cereal bowl that was a mis-matched bowl that didn't really fit with the other bowls and that is the cats food dish now. And a larger flat bowl for the mudroom water dish. the dog got a nice side shinny stainless steel bowl with paw prints on the side. Plus we got a big water dish that holds 3 quarts of water. Whew.......I feel better!


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