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Sunday, September 6, 2009

look what I found!!

I went shopping at Walmart the other day and found a couple of Aluminum Water Bottles that are bottles are recyclable, BPA free and very cool! They where only 4 dollars a piece. Beats the 12 dollar a piece price at most online places. I took them on a drive from home to Columbus and back in one day. Yea it wasn't fun. But it keep the drinks cool enough for me, well the daughter had hers empty before Columbus. They are also dishwasher save but I don't have a dishwasher... They came with a hook that you can hook it to your backpack or purse. It not that small hook but the large hook that the side pushes in for a wide belt can fit, haha speaking from experience.
The two I got where the designs, they also had a blue and red. The online site only shows assortments that you have to buy together where my store had them separate Say what you want about Walmart but they do have some good deals at times!

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