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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've been a bad girl

So if you have been reading my blog you know I live with vegetarians. And I eat meat some times, when not at home most of the time. It seems a waste to make 2 meals. Well I went to a cook out and ate half a hamburger. Then I went to work. My stomach hurt so bad. I told my co-worker that I went to a cook out and eat to much. She laughed and said you had a hamburger didn't you. I was like yea, OH yea. Last time I ate a hamburger was the company picnic over a month ago and my stomach really hurt after that. WELL it was about the only thing left and hot that should be hot, happens when you work that day...... But she was there teasing me that I haven't ate hamburger in so long..... Back to today, well she remembered that and told me I was putting my stomach in distress. That my body can't handle the hamburger, it super processed and you know it the junk that they grid together. I was like oh did you go vegetarian too.... But really I don't think I can eat hamburger anymore, It makes my stomach hurt....... No more hamburgers for me.... I thought I should have eat more fresh corn on the cob and apples, yum.. but I learned.
Of course the die hard vegetarian reminds me that ground beef has antibiotics, hormones, and bacteria and what ever else may have gotten in the meat or cow,. Then reminds me that meat can stay in your digestive tract for months.... Most of the time she isn't that militant, she can talk to me like that cause most of the time she doesn't preach she just talks about what she has learned. Reminds me of when she would came home from school excited about learning some cool when she was young!
humm I think I"m slowly turning vegetarian... Cue 80s music... I think I"m turning vegetarian, I think I"m turning vegetarian, I really think so; think so.....


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