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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Save the Beer! Or how to get your man to recycle

SO you're eco-friendly yet your man still has a hard time? Does he or one of his buddies drink Holsten, Amstel, Heineken, Beck's or any type of pilsner lager? If so maybe this will be the way you get him on board with stopping global warming. Saaz hops is what make a lager a pilsner lager. And in the Czech Republic they are noticing that the hops are being effected by global warming. The crops are slowly declining. The hops are slowly becoming effected themselves.

Higher air temperatures are effecting the yield and acidity of the hops. From1954 to 2006 the hops crops are yielding less then the year before. Plus the acidity of these hops have dropped .06% each year. The hops must contain around 5% alpha acid for that delicate taste. The increase in air temperature has had effects on the hops growth phases and it has shorten the vegetation period. Study show if we continual to have increases in air temperature that the crops will decline 7-10% and the acidity will drop 13-32%.

Plus even if your man doesn't like pilsner type larger what to say that all hops are not going to be effected. Or even have been effected and we haven't heard about it yet..... Humm that will be our little secret......

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