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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September is National Honey Month

Wow where has time gone? It is almost the end of September and I find out it is Nation Honey Month.. Oh honey it great for beauty product and can be used to help heal you.

Honey for your skin. Honey can be used to help soften your skin. Just take some honey and pat it on your face. You might add some warm water if too thick, but most times I just pat it on my face. you really can't rub or smoothly put it on that why I say pat on your face... LOL really I have forgotten and it is quite funny. I feel like the kid from Home Alone. Rinse well with tempt water. Your face will feel so soft after-wards. Add some to your bath with powdered milk. It just like the honey and milk bath you can get at the store but without all the extra skin drying ingredients. hummm it is cool here to day sounds so good..

Honey for your hair. You can mix a teaspoon or more with your hair conditioner before adding to your head. Or you can coat your hair with honey out of the jar or bottle again adding a little warm water if you want a smoother product. I have heard that adding cinnamon to the honey help grow your hair longer but not sure if this is true. It will leave it shinny. I have left the honey on my head for over a hour however most times it was only 30 minutes. It is also been said that tit will lighten your hair. Basically honey has natural hydrogen peroxide.

1/2 cup of natural uncooked honey
1 1/2 cups of distilled water
1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon or cardamom

Leave out for a hour for the honey to release the peroxide. Add to hair as you would any type of dye. Cinnamon might sting your head a little but will go away after a minute or so. After you have coated your hair wrap your head with plastic wrap or swimming cap. Leave in as long as you can stand. For a hour or overnight if possible. The longer in your hair the lighter if will make it. It's not like a drug store dye, but it did make it lighter. Lemon juice in the sun is faster if you are blond.. but I use it more for a deep conditioner than to lighten my hair, with out the cinnamon or olive oil. I do this before I wash my hair to get everything out. It is great for damage from the sun and harsh weather.

Honey for wounds. Yes I have put honey on wounds. Those stinging bleeding wounds. It helps keep out infection, remember from he hair lightening it is a natural hydrogen peroxide and has natural antibacterial properties. It's great for canker sores that you get in the mouth and sometimes your teeth rubbing on them can make your mouth scream with pain. It doesn't taste too bad not like the over the counter canker sore stuff. The kids looked at me like- what honey??? I can have honey???

Honey for sore throats and coughs. Many times I had a sore throat my grandmother had me take a tablespoon of honey. The key she said was to slowly take the honey as to let the honey coat the throat. It does feel like it was coating the throat! I just thought yea! honey! and got to take a spoon of honey and little by little lick the spoon clean and my throat felt better.... PS that little guy to the right of this.... after you use the honey out of him; he can become a special drink bottle. The straw will fit in the top if you cut it down to the part that has the lines............

Honey for energy. Ahhh honeymoon. We call it the time after a couple gets married; the honeymoon. This is after a Native practice that would feed the couple honey for potency to procreate. Energy and stamina...... Well I really can't tell you if this works or not I didn't try for my children right after getting married we waited.... It is a simple sugar and sugar does give you a boost of energy. Well I guess if anyone wants to try this they can let me know...

Honey Mead. Ok I do know honey mead can help with stamina or maybe that was just help with the seduction.... But honey mead is a alcoholic drink. Much like wine for it is not high in alcohol content but smooth like wine. It is Irish in nature. Apple cider mead was very delicious.... ok so it not really good for the skin or healing,,,, wait it is good for stress! Yea that it, mead is good to de-stress. Of course used in moderation.

Well Honey's I hope you enjoy this salute to honey!! Warm apple cider honey mead is calling my name..


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  2. I wanted to say hello, I am new to your blog:-) I am following you from MBC Follow Me Club 2...



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