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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today is National Vegetarian Day

I missed it again but Tues was hug a vegetarian day. I miss it but I still hug my vegetarian everyday. But I am down one vegetarian. He ate meat this week. It was the double cheeseburger that did him in. But his vegetarian girlfriend still loves him.

Vegetarian is green! So yea there are sites that tell you how many gallons of water, gas and whatever it take for the sale of meat. It takes three times the amount of water for meat production. That would be like paying your water bill x 3. Ok it makes some sense to me now. The USA eats more meat now then we did 40 years ago. In this country we also have more heart disease and health problems now and many doctors blame the high red meat intake. So it doesn't kill you to eat less meat. Sorry the mom came out.... But it does hurt you to eat more meat. So eat more veggies.

So the happy medium would be to eat less meat and use organic meats. Organic meat can be pricey but if you eat less you can us that money to buy better cuts. Grass feed is the animals that are free range. Corn feed is the standard and proclaimed as proud banner. They do not normally eat mostly corn they eat mostly grass. When you go threw the country the cows are not all eating out of corn fields they are glazing in the fields eating grass. That's how I remember it!

This give a new movement to the vegetarian tribe. I can now can be called a "flexitarian", "almost vegetarian" or the oxymoron "part time vegetarian." I went to Amazon and searched flexitarian and was so shocked to see all the recipe books. At frist I said oh I bet they are the same author. Nope. WOW. Many different books.

So going to less and less meat isn't to hard in this house but what about your house? What is your favorite vegetarian meal? Ours is pasta. Sometimes with spaghetti sauce, Alfredo or herb and butter.


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  1. How did I miss such a cool holiday?! I've been a vegetarian my entire life (chalk it up to my hippie mother) so I may print out that heart and post it up for my husband to see every day!



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