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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Potty talk

Going green sometimes means using recycled products. But have you tried recycled TP? Very rough but many sites are telling me that they have gotten softer then they have been in tha last few years. Well the tissues have not! Our noses are bright red from them. Hankies are a pleasant welcome after those tissues! I know I can be so sneaky when I want to be... So for our backsides and noses they are cutting old growth trees in Southern California but we need them to use our CO2 and help fight the climate change. The reason why is that older ancient forest tree produce longer fiber in which can be softer. Recycle paper products end up making these fibers shorter meaning not as soft paper.

So what is a eco-friendly person to do?

These are some of the things that I learned that will help.

Pee Outside! It helps the soil. I read at Planet Green Urine in the garden is a good thing you can even fertilize your garden. My first worry was the pharmaceuticals they found in many city water supplies. But microorganisms in the soil will take care of that. Use the compost pile and you can add some charcoal to help aid the plants.

Pee in the Shower. Urine is sterile and will just wash down the drain anyway. Safe a flush; pee in the shower.

Composting toilet. Old fashion out house doesn't really sound like a plan for this northeastern Ohio city girl. I know the newer composting toilets at the park aren't as bad as they use to be but going outside in December with -10 degree windchill doesn't sound like fun to me. Or keeping inside with odor being the number 1 reason and the animals not having a place to sneak a drink (or maybe trying to sneak a drink in a composting toilet is what I meant!!) .

Wash clothes: Ok there is something to be said about just using a wash cloth, but I know they keep saying that our urine is sterile , but I really worry about the washcloth not getting all the body fluids rinsed out of the cloth and causing infections. AND that where I am right now with a UTI, hence why I seem to be finding every potty site while reading the eco-friendly sites online today!! Isn't that the way it goes.

Bidets. The french invented the bidet but they have grown in popularity in Europe, Japan, Latin America, Egypt, Morocco, and the Arabic world. They are used in hospital and for the disabled and elderly. Many eco-friendly households are adding a bidet attachment to their low flow toilets. They have a stream of water that cleanse your backside for you using less TP.

Well I do hate the fact that old trees are being cut to wipe my backside... but I will try a recycled product when my bulk TP runs out, but I would like to get a bidet but don't have the money right now, maybe next time..... The companies need to find a way to make TP soft without cutting down our older trees...
Excuse me I need to visit the ladies room now........



  1. I had the chance to try some recycled TP recently and yes, it wasn't as soft. I thought it was a little thin too, meaning using extra sheets... which seems to sort of defeat the point.

    You make good points though. As for going outside... aside from the cold weather, I'm not sure what my neighbors would think if they saw us strolling out in the yard looking for a spot. Maybe if we had taller hedges.

  2. haha I always used recycled TP - I guess I have used it for so long I really don't notice anymore. Once though, my sister-in-law was over and she came out of the bathroom and said, "Linds, I love you, but you have some of the worst toilet paper ever. It's right above highway rest stop TP". LOL! I'd rather save money and resources than have wasteful, fluffy TP.



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