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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More green frugal things I do

So after I write my last blog entry I find more things that would be concerned green by frugal ideas. Just to make me laugh at myself. So to remind me that I do have more ideas to share.

Opening my refrigerator door I see a couple more ideas. There is a salad dressing in old bottle that use to hold steak sauce. Not just the bottle being reused but the way I got he label off. I soak it for 30 minutes or so in hot water (as hot as you can get it). When it works right the label comes off in the water, but sometimes it is stubborn. I peel what I can off. I then get peanut butter on a washcloth and rub into the glue residue. I know what you are thinking but it really works! I didn't believe it at first but tried it after running out of GOO Begone. The peanut butter is usually the stale peanut butter that someone left out opened or got jelly in. We use it for the dog special treats (we hide meds in a big spoonful) and for glass goo. My cold boo boo pack. I found some rice behind the cabinet and sewed up a fabric oblong bag and filled the bag with the outdated rice. I made heat-pads for friends with both rice and beans that I found hidden in my cupboards or behind them.

Then I go to take my kitchen scraps in a reused coffee container out to the compost bin. I really forget that this is green because I have been doing this since I was little. I use to throw my scraps in my flower garden when I first moved into the city and had my neighbors freak. they didn't know what I was doing throwing foodstuff on the ground and dig up my front yard by my house.

Lastly I was going to take a bath before bed. I don't always take baths just for aches and rashes. I reach for the magic salts and see my oatmeal bath. You guess it. I made both. My expired oatmeal became my bath for rashes. Bath salts are equal amounts of Epsom salt, sea salt and baking soda. I add a EO (essential oil) for a nice aroma. Oatmeal bath was oatmeal I put in the blender until it made a fine powder, it cheaper than the oatmeal bath you can get a the store. It makes your skin so soft.

Speaking of skin so soft. Yea I have that too. It is used mainly for flea treatment rinse for the dog.

I'm sure that after this blog I might be reminded of even more green but I thought they where just frugal ideas. What about you? Have frugal ideas that you found out where green?


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