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Friday, September 4, 2009

Tinker Bell

I have a little friend who loves Tinker Bell! She turned two this spring. When she would open her gifts she would scream BELL! So I ran across this page on About.com a booklet that was a ad for the movie Tinker Bell. Of course I had to look at all the pages! There are games, puzzles and crafts all with fairies from the movie. Heck I have a couple older friends that would love this..... So I thought I share with the mommas of little girls. Fairy lovers too! Like ME!!

There is a really cool page for Fairyminders. Little signs you print out and stick in the bathroom to remind your little ones to turn off the water. Light switch covers to make their rooms enchanted!! Or a door sign for the babies door...... Just pick JPEG file or PDF file and print from there.

The coolest is the bird feeder station. Bell herself shows you her bird feeder stations that she made in Pixie Hallow. I would love to see pictures of your feeder stations!!

I would love to see the signs too inn action ........ Off to print the fairyminders for my bathroom. I think I have some sticker paper here somewhere.... Oh well I know I have card-stock......... Have fun!

And the fairy at the top of this blog I made at the Disney Site
plus I gave her some color because it wouldn't let me print it that way, don't look to close at my coloring job it been awhile since I have colored...


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