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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Really! This is Worst then Greenwashing!

The debate on plastic bags and reusable bags rages on. The latest crazy thing is that plastic is healthier for you. Canada's Environment and Plastics Industry Council found high levels of yeast, molds and bacteria in some reusable bags they tested. The key word here is Plastics Industry Council because their message was that plastic bags where better for you because they are disposable. Hummmm. Now many scientists and professors of leading science department here in the USA are saying Yea, germs grow on a lot of things.. like every surface can have germs, yeast, mold or bacteria. Then it is also been reported that some of the "reusable bags" they tested where diaper bags. With used diapers in them, oh yea you will find some fecal matter if you really want to find it. People used the reusable bags for gym clothes and other items... Yes if used as grocery bags; meat and produce can leave behind some nasty things that are fungus, germs and bacteria. So it is a better bet to use your grocery bags for just groceries. your gym bag for just gym clothes and Please your diaper bags for baby items, and throw away the used diapers in the trash cans.
Ok I work with the public and guess what many people shop while sick, heck many people come to work sick. In this economy many people have to work sick, that the bags being set on the checkout counter can expose them to germs. Using the cashiers pen can expose you to germs. Germs are everywhere. The best protection is of course hand washing! And not the anti-bacterial soaps because those kill the good bacteria we need. It has been proven that these soaps don't kill more than the regular soaps. But can harm us by not letting our bodies develop anti-bodies to fight infections and the flu.

Ok back to reusable bags........... So I guess That some common sense
needs to be used with reusable bags.......... I have to admit I have stopped purchasing bags from the store; the ones with their logo, most are made with recycled plastic bags. This could be a great thing but not for bags that get regular washings. Many washings that is. They begin to pill and break down. I have had seams rip. My favorite bags are Ecobags; the string bags, because they are easily washed with my laundry and are small enough to fit in my pocket even thought I just sling it over my shoulder. Plus they come in many different colors.

One thing I learned from many of my customers at the warehouse club was that a cooler can hold your meat perfect for you. I very rarely purchase meat anymore but when I do I use a cooler. Yes no bag but when I get to the car I have a cooler for the cold items. Easily washed after each use. I have forgot the cooler and yes I have gotten a store plastic bag, gasp; for my meat. But then that bag becomes the trash bag liner for the bathroom. Yes I use a liner in the kitchen and bathroom. If you are a woman or live with a young woman; you know why the bathroom is one place you should have a liner....

Remember to throw your reusable bags in the washing machine with your jeans or anything that geta heavy duty washing. Many sites tell you to use bleach but I don't bleach my clothes, only with a non-chlorine bleach some times. Add some borax to the wash load. Borax is a booster for your detergent, stain remover, deodorizes and is anti-fungal. Many times can be used as a substitute for non-chlorine bleach. But my daughter loves her non-chlorine bleach for her clothes.

I feel for Canada's Environment and Plastics Industry Counci, really must be hard to try to hang on to a job you might lose if most of Canada turns eco-friendly. But hey maybe they could figure out how to make something useful out of the plastic in their country. Picket fences like Ed Bagely Jr has in his front yard, plastic wood for decks..... guess they don't see the big picture.


  1. totally agree!
    I'll have to look into those bags - I have the typical store purchased reusable and they are starting to wear out after many washing.

  2. EWWWW! I'll have to also look into the other bags! Thanks for this information and your blog. I gave you an award on my blog! www.maggie965.blogspot.com



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