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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ecostore USA Reveiw and $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Ecostore USA is a company that has taken the nasty chemicals out of household products using plant- and mineral-based ingredients. There are no toxic petrochemicals, no synthetic enzymes, no optical whiteners, no sodium lauryl sulphate, no phosphates, no chlorine, no ammonia, no Triethanolamine, Diethanolamine or Monoethanolamine, no parabens, no propylene glycol and no synthetic perfumes or dyes. Many of these things are know to cause cancer, mess with hormones and kill wild live. We put these poisons on our skin and bodies daily! Many of these items also can cause contact dermatitis, which this blogger is very sensitive to getting from a number of things. My friends tease me I am allergic to everything... I almost am!

So when I received my Laundry Liquid I had to try this. When I read the bottle and it said 3 to 5 Tablespoons of Laundry Liquid I thought no way! But the suds told me yep it was true. Ecostore found a way to make things super concentrated. They took out the filers. You use smaller amount and it last longer and works great. I have been using this for about 2 weeks and my clothes are so soft and I still have most of the bottle left!! It smells great, no strong smell, as a concentrated soap this was a surprise. This is things I notice being the sensitive skin person that is thinking I hope I don't rash out when trying new products. It works great without tearing up my skin. A winner in my book!!

I also got the Vanilla Shampoo. I have tired so many different shampoos it isn't funny. I started to use health food store shampoos after learning about the nasty chemicals and there effects years ago. I have baby fine hair; my hair feels thicker with these type of shampoos. But after trying the Vanilla Shampoo I was blown away. I use a pea size amount and my hair is so soft. It stays soft also. The soft feeling lasts without the slick feeling some shampoos can give you. I wear a hair claw clip to keep my hair up at work and many shampoos and conditioners can leave it slick soft that the claw slips down. But Vanilla Shampoo keep the strength and the softness!! This product is the one that isn't almost fill but that is 2 people are using it!! But we do have about half left and that good for the thick hair daughter to not use a hand full each time. Plus she doesn't really like the smell of most vanilla products. But this vanilla is mild and smells great. She even thinks so! It smells clean!

Last but not least I got the pet leave-in conditioner. With 2 cats that are long haired I wanted a detangle product. This worked great for Miss Fluffy girl who had some big snarls. I put it on her snarls and let it sit for a half a hour then combed threw. The bottle says 5 minutes but she wasn't really going to make it easy for me, she hates to be combed or fussed over. But I had a present side effect with this wonderful stuff. Psycho kitty; who is allergic to many things just like her owner, was rashed out from fleas and her flea meds. I started to put some on her to see if this would break her out, she began to rub on my hands on the side of her head. That is a miracle in itself. She will run and hide when anything medicine based is opened. She didn't have snarls but she did have a rash there from the flea spot treatment. I thought why not it can't hurt. What it did; was help! Her rash was looking better the next day, and she was in good spirits. Princess also had a rash on the back of her neck from fleas and the hot spot meds didn't help but this conditioner did... Those are the 2 cats that are not long hair. The dog he is a good boy he didn't mind getting the conditioner on after his bath. He is soft too!! These conditioner is a keeper for my animals.
Ecostore USA has FREE Shipping for ALL Orders of $25 Plus I am told that a holiday sale is coming up!! YEA!!

now available exclusively at Meijer stores throughout the Midwest

Win a $25 gift certificate

ways to win:
First go to the Ecostore site and look around. Leave a comment on what product or product line you would like to try.
Follow this blog (or remind me that you are a follower)

Winner will be picked by Random.org On November 30th 12:00 AM...... or around there!!

Good luck!


  1. I would like to try the Baby products such as the Baby Goat Milk bath Soap and the Coconut bath Soap.
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  3. I love the toilet cleaner. It is the best ever.

  4. Following your blog now! Just found you from MBC. I'm a crunchy granola eatin'trying to be organic momma too. Would love to have you visit my blog sometime too! Here it is:


    These products look great!

  5. I'd love to try the Natural Lemon Rinse Aid :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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