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Sunday, November 29, 2009

More about Black Friday (a warning!!)

I did work Black Friday and it was a day!! The area police where called and lucky they were only down the street to break up a fist fight in the Toys R us store.  But some customers noticed 3 people walking around the parking lot checking doors and back seats.   They would walk up to the car look in the back seat and if they saw something they try the door.  A couple times they broke the window to get inside.

The one police officer commented that this has happened all day and to tell everyone to put the gifts or packages in the truck!  Out of sight........ Plus he was impressed that a customers (more than one reported it!!)  from the parking lot called ... we knew nothing about it, we where too busy inside and NO this wasn't the 5 AM rush this was in the middle of the afternoon.

Seems with the economic problems comes crime, for more people are desperate looking for easy ways to have presents under the tree..... Sad.

But hide your gifts and bags!!! This time of year is stressful enough without a broken window and lost presents (and the feeling of being violated  you are left with because of  the act!!).... Be safe.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the reminder. Come to think of it, I have a Kohl's bag in my car now. Stupid thing is that my trunk is full of bags to donate..so I have to put items in my car. I will not forget to drop those donations off before going shopping tomorrow.

  2. I just noticed you live in Akron! I'm an Ohioan also!

  3. Scary stuff. That's something I was told over and over while growing up. I don't think about it much anymore - thanks for the reminder.



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