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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Art is Selective.......

The Bones of Francois Robert:
Art with human bones. It is his collection he calls “Stop the Violence”

How cool is that... I do have to say that reading this on Oddity Central. that he found the bones in a truck really is kinda weird, I mean finding bones in a truck you got at a yard sale and you don't report it? Or that you still have them years later.... ok I can see that being child of a pack rat and ex-wife of one.... 

So he uses this stark white bones places them on black paper. Then he takes a picture of them........ Very striking! 

Yea I have been seeing the blog post with the
30 Day Challenge: An art piece and saw this and had to share.........

SO now you know I have a very very dark unusual side. I find  way out there things like human bones as art very cool.


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