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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sure if you say so...

It seems like the popular thing around here is to carry a tote bag as a purse.  Not the over size things but open top bags.... Many of my co-workers are carrying them and now my young ladies....  I am getting on the bandwagon and making me one from "fake leather"  material, cause I like tons of pockets and long handles. My purse is falling apart and I need a new one.  I can't find one I like. You know it is always the time you can't find one you like. You always see ones you really like when you have no  money!!  Ok so I did see one online I liked but..... really don't have the extra $250 for a purse. Paid 6 dollars for the material. 

I made Miss Animal Rights a grocery bag from a bright red t-shirt of hers... She has been carrying a  tote bag with the Twilight logo on it... But it is black and now her uniform is all black.  She is getting a little tried of all black.  She saw this and decided to make this her purse!  So in all black with a bright red bag many people have commented on her cool purse.

This is kinda how I made her purse.

Now with all the comments she has a idea. She said I could buy a bunch of  Cleveland Browns tees. I get to make a bunch of these bags and she gets to drive all the way to Cleveland and tailgate party before the Browns games and sell these tote bags.We will split it 50/50. Of course I said huh? I get to do all the work and pay for the materials and you get to drive and sell??? She was like she pays for gas and I pay for shirts. I really don't think that is 50/50 work and expense...  She looked at me and said MOM we'll go to the goodwill stores and places like that.... We pay what a couple dollars for the shirt make a tote bag and charge $25....

Of course I want to change the tote bag a little to make it look more like a tote bag. She is not going for it wants to stay just like her bag..... Well we haven't found any Brown shirts yet.... Really have NOT been to the goodwill stores yet either... giggles.... oh well looks like we have some ideas for holiday gifts for some friends


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  1. I have that kind of purse. It's not as deep as a tote bag, but it's that style. It doesn't have a funky design, though. Bummer.



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