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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Discovery and Oil Rigs...

Sorry but my hours have picked up can you tell??? So to draw me out of hiding the news goes crazy... I see. First we have the Gulf Oil Rig explode then we have some guy making news by taking  people hostage  to make them show more green shows.... Sigh..... Violence isn't the answer. Not to mention the whole 9/11 mosque and the attack of the cabby.

Wow another explosion in the Gulf. The platform, known as Vermilion Oil Platform 380A  exploded and luckily the 13 people there was picked up from the water with only one person hurt. They didn't release how bad this person was or any names. But it is burning.... one more thing for the people of Louisiana.  With most of the news show showing Louisiana after Katrina.... Oh yea really what does the American people think that the president could do that would make the gulf oil spill better??? Gessh I think I need to stay off line for awhile... I keep reading how he should have done more... he went to Louisiana faster then the last president-and told BP humm no you need to pay for this your own damn self......... Cutting corners cost you BIG time didn't BP. We need to get BP to do more not the president...

So some guy: who thinks that the Discovery channel  should take off shows like Kate plus 8 and put on a show about gorilla that talks to a 12 year old girl (kinda cool..),  James J. Lee took three office workers hostage having bombs that he treated to drop. The station did know about his guy. He has a website entitled My Demands. A very interesting read but more like a look into madness.  He tells the station that the Kate plus 8 and 19 and counting shows are  encouraging the birth of more  parasitic human infants. AND the station needs to add more show that would encourage human sterilization and infertility. Right!  So just tell people to deny the most basic human desire and biological urge to help the environment.That their show "Planet Green" was more about making money not real solutions.. humm welcome to the US. Someone had to help pay for the show and well it does get kinda irritating that it does seems like one big commercial that many shows turn into. Well  rest in peace James J. Lee. I hope you found your peace.

The whole mosque wanting to be build blocks from ground zero had me saying please, there is one closer than that already built.  Are we going to make them tear it down? But that we need to get along with all religions  cause that is what this country was built on right? Can we say First Amendment? Then I see that  developer Sharif el-Gamal is the past has been in trouble with the law. Things like being with a hooker doesn't bother me but rouging up someone you rent too does. Violence isn't the answer. But then some drunk stabs a cab driver after asking if he was Muslim.
Violence isn't the answer!!!! AND I can't find now... I really wanted to find the site where I read this and really wanted to post the site... But some Muslim  leader basically said that American need to just get over it... I thought WTF? Get over it? AND that the mosque at ground zero has done so much for the al-Qaeda and that many Muslim are running to join. Because of the racial hatred in this country. I thought WTH was this their plan... but Violence isn't the answer. Yea I really am a hippy... But just like most Christians, Jews, Islamic, Mormons, Pagans, or Muslims  we have some good guys and some bad guys....They all  aren't the  al-Qaeda, . They just want to worship peacefully and like I said there is a mosque closer they just want to make a Islamic center.....

Can't we all just get along? Rodney King



  1. you know what's kinda funny about that mosque, the building that's currently there is being used as a mosque already AND that they have a long LONG way to go before work could actually start

    i've walked past this building hundreds of times and never thought anything of it, no one did until it was on the news

  2. Hi, I am your newest follower and am delighted to have found you. I do hope that you have a moment to stop by and link up any post on freshening up and cleaning up our lives. Your insight will be so helpful to other like minded souls. My blog hop is called Fresh Clean and Pure and I'm trying to get bloggers to find each other who have the same philosophy. Hope you follow back too and that I continue to learn from your posts. Roz



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