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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Blast from the Past

 No this is not a review or a giveaway just little oh me found this out and had to share....

I saw  Mrs. Steward's Bluing liquid ad and thought wow I used to see that in my grandmother laundry room but never knew what it was for. Plus I used it to make salt crystals for my Girls Scout troop.. So I had to check out their site.
Seeing  how it was around in my grandmothers day I thought it had to be eco-friendly! Sure enough in was made in the early 1880's.  If you think about it; that when they used to do laundry by hand.  Wash water was used in the garden, and still is in many Amish homes. My grandfather told me that is helps keep the bugs away. Then again he told me that baths did that too... LOL

The bottle to the left was made in the 1920's when the bottle where hand blown. The stamped the bottles necks with the words "This contains Mrs. Stewart's Bluing". That bottle is no doubt worth some money, no it's not mine.  Found this with a google image search with the filter reuse! 

Blue white is the brightest white. So basally this liquid helps the blue in your whites shine or brings them out more. With the effects of bleach, no orange spots on your black clothes from spills or residue from the last load!! All without harmful chemicals. 

A quote from Mrs. Stewards Bluing site:

Basically, bluing is made of a very fine blue iron powder suspended in water ( a "colloidal suspension"). We add a nontoxic amount of a pH balancer and a biocide to prevent the buildup of algae and bacteria. (This may be why Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is loved by farmers who tell us they use it in the water troughs of their farm animals and by owners of lily and fish ponds.)

With the girls and their love for the nasty smelling bleach  that makes me inch if it get on me. It makes me sneeze if I smell it.... I have to try this stuff out again...... Introduce it to the girls ladies,,, for bleach isn't really get some of their clothes white...

Economical too for you don't need to much to add to the wash.  With just 1/4 teaspoon or a couple drops while your water is filling up the machine....... So really is saving you money!  Maybe pennies a load.  

PLUS my granny could have using it on her hair to keep it shinny... It only takes a couple drops of bluing.  well... I not that gray yet...but you never know... I just might try that... when I am completely gray...

Dog owners use it for the white haired dogs also. It is said that is helps their coat look whiter and shiny.  Hummm Our canine is brown..... not going to try that here, but if you have a white hair dog.... go for it

For the teachers out there they have a PDF file Teacher Brochure that has many craft and science projects for you to expore with your class 



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