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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Plant Bottles!

The heinz ketchup bottle is becoming Green!!!
Heinz press release  where the company that will make 120 million PlantBottle™ packages in 2011.... they plan on production to start soon and the bottle hitting the shelves in June!! I just wonder if they will do this for the ketchup made without the high fructose syrup... the organic or the Simply Heinz ketchup.... That would be great the organic ketchup in a plantbottle....

They also state on their site that they use NO genetic-modification, that just traditional breeding techniques.  But as many gardeners will tell you that tomatoes are hearty plants.... for the most part.  Plus they have had years and years to get this right! They started making ketchup in 1876....

Really how can you turn down a sassy label like that? Unless you want the labels that says things like Take me to your Burger.... I never saw a french fry I didn't like  or I'm your secret ingredient!!


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