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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Earth Quake...

Yesterday; New years Eve, the area had a 4.0-magnitude earthquake that was centered in Youngstown .  It has been found to be the result of the brine water from fracking into the earth in the area.  SO the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director says that the fact the company stopped for a few months (sorry can't find the true time online) but it happened and they were not drilling, so it not the fracking that cause it.

  Oh it not the thousands of gallons of brine are being injected into the ground.  The fact that we have fault lines in the area and that they have been pumping this water in the ground for YEARS, so why would it happen now?  they ask.  Wow like really wonder why after years of  thousands of gallons of brine were injected into the ground every day.... it's not the brine; it's just the fault lines... I wonder if they live in the area? Do they want that in their back yard?  Plus have you read the comments on this article? People going on about this being a ecoterrorist propaganda scare piece. Wow just how far do people think we can abuse the earth and not expect a reaction? We have approximately 1,000 wells between Ohio and Pennsylvania.... 1,000 wells plus 1,000 gallons a day. DO the MATH! It equals 11 earthquakes in 2011. Wonder what 2012 will bring? Hopefully a shut down of the brine wells in the area, but then people don't want to believe that it's ecoterrorist propaganda scare.... Still I have to keep my fingers crossed for the fact that the area near my dad's house doesn't start fracking. I thought when I read year ago that the suburbs would become the new "ghetto" and to think trucks driving 24/7 and bright lights on all night... I think that the suburbs where not going to be prime property after that......


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