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Friday, January 13, 2012

The tale of Two Yards

We got some snow last night and this morning.  It's suppose to stop before tonight.  That's fine I work tonight and just hate driving in the white stuff at night.  When I went to get my mail this morning I saw this wonderful picture to the right.  Ok the road doesn't look great but it doesn't look to bad for a snowy day. I have heard the trucks all night and day......  The front yard like very little dusting, maybe a inch or so... Not having a area news station because of money we get our news from Cleveland and many times they have it all wrong.  Like the day I got to work a half and hour early because of a report of 6 to 10 inches in the area I worked and they had very little snow.  Oh well better early then late!
I go to look out the back door thinking oh yea I won't have to much to shovel I can just use the broom.  Then was NOTHING on the front porch... I see the left picture.  It looks like around 6 inches back there! Oh  my compost pile needs some more food cause it shouldn't even have snow on it... Good and bad I guess I am wasting less food... but need something to start the compost pile cooking... Yea what I didn't see is this fun is from the wind.  Right around the corner was a drift that was twice as much..... So I get the shovel and start to shovel.  OMG why did the wind decide that the perfect place for all the snow was in front of the gate and my drive-way.  Correction half my drive-way.  The part nearest the house had about two feet of snow and the other half none..... a light speckled dusting... well guess it is better than the whole driveway with a foot of snow!

   With this crazy weather where in December and January we have had 50 to 60 degree days I am enjoying not being asked by my co-workers that are not as they put it "buying the whole global  warming BS" where is your global warming now every time it snows or get cold...  Funny they haven't  said a peep...

Off to enjoy some hot chocolate and get ready for work........


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