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Friday, April 27, 2012

My straw ....

Sorry I didn't post this blog post earlier but I thought I show you my glass straw I was telling you about.... From Glass Dharma .  But I got it in the mail last week...

I have had a couple heart attacks where I thought Goodness.... I better be careful I might break this thing.  But I didn't.  It been very fun to drink my drinks from a glass straw.  FUN! Really silly but it fun.


Friday, April 20, 2012

TP rolls

I might not use a lot of paper towels but I do use toilet paper. So when the Southern Institute posted it's toilet paper roll Challenge  I thought why not have some fun and do this.  I did start by cutting my rolls up into strips.

 Funny thing it was like I knew this was going to be happening cause I found like 3 rolls in the bathroom on the shelf near the TP holder... LOL.  That and my paper towels which I use very rarely ran out that day.....

   I tried a couple different ways and I didn't like it at all.  I was trying so hard to make the curls turn into hearts... and keep it all the same size... wasn't happening at all!!

So I just started to put the cut circles together and I thought wow a flower... and I ran with it..

I like the curls... I had to keep them... SO I added them to the points and after hot gluing them together I painted the whole thing black.

Cause I like wrought iron.  I have enough of it in my living room.  Make that a lot of it... there is always room for more!!

My wrought iron look a like wall hanging:


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink Slime is gone!

And to think that the industry called it soylent pink....Soylent Green is a 1973 American science fiction film that the world was over populated and they feed the millions of people Soylent green. SO if you haven't seen the movie, it ends up that at the end they learn that soylent green is made with people.  So to have insiders giving a meat by product a nickname like Soylent pink... tells you a lot doesn't it???


Shirt restyle

I have been busy lately sewing.  I have taken some of my shirts that fit funny or was too tight or big and made some new t-shirts.  I have some ripped or really stained bad and cut them up for extra material.  I also found a extra large t-shirt at Good will that was the color of the day so I paid one dollar for it!  I used that as my t-shirt yarn.

  What is t-shirt yarn you ask? Ok someone might have asked... T-shirt yarn is the material I used to lace up my shirts I have pictured here.  I cut about a 1/2 inch thick piece of the t-shirt.  If you keep going you can cut one long piece.  Kinda like a spiral around the t-shirt.  I hope that makes sense.  But it very easy to do and you can make as thick as you want.  Just be careful cause if you cut it too thin it will break.  Plus it will curl over and look like rope very easily.  You just stretch  it out.

    I have had many  t-shirts  that are/were a little too tight in the neck and arms. I work at a wholesale warehouse so I have some arm muscles. I like my arm muscles.  I also like the looks this petite old lady gets when she just whips that heavy items up.  hehehe I am stronger then I look!!  So I do this like these pictures to help them fit better.

  My daughters got me a t-shirt from the first line of clothing from Twilight.  It says BAD VAMP.  Cause I would tease them that the bad vampires where hotter... LOL SO they got me that shirt.  It was marked down to $2 at the mall! AS you can guess a t-shirt made for teen girls is way to small in the shoulders after a few washings.  So I cut the top of the tee and sewed in a couple panels of material. There where about 5 inches wide, have to remember the seam allowance.... and I took my very think pieces of my t-shirt yarn I made from the top of the t-shirt and criss-crossed it.  It turned out great just can't take a picture of it cause I did it in the same black color of the t-shirt.  The picture didn't really show it true coolness..

  One of my favorite shirts is just where I had a shirt that had a messed up front and the collar  was falling apart. I cut the long sleeves off of it and about 5 inches off the bottom.  Then I sewed them on a shirt that the sleeves where cut off because they were ripped. Then I sewed the extra material to the bottom because the shirt was shrinking the wrong way for work.  That way the two colors look like they belong together

PLUS working with colored icing stain my clothes so I just wear things that I don't wear out to work.  It's almost like when I was little... I have work clothes (play clothes) and do something nice clothes (school clothes) Do moms still do that? LOL I did guess most do cause dirt and grass stains...

Well then again I found many ideas on  Pinterest   Another thing that keeps me very busy... LOL
And Craftster 


Friday, April 13, 2012

Smashing Great idea

So when I was younger we had these books that we would cut and glue pictures and stuff into. We called them scrapbooks. We glue in our pictures, notes, report cards, newspaper clippings and so much more. We write in bold letters, silly sayings and sometimes not so nice words... Drawing silly things or adding pictures from magazines and stickers....  NOW the papers and they ideas that has taken off is so amazing!  It very interesting to see the different  ways people do this creative way of remembering things...... The charms that you can add to the pages.  Plus things like  scissors for beautiful edges and hole punches....

I like this video because it kinda has a catchy little tune and nicely moving little dittoes to keep you watching.

BUT it is a commercial for the product a smash book but you can make one from a old notebook.  Strangely I have a few around the house.  And I have made this type of smash book from don't hate me but a old book.... The old book didn't work to well seeing the binder couldn't take all the pressure.


Hey have fun with it!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love it Free Glass Straws

It was one of those nights, reading the stupid stuff on Facebook, scrolling down kinda in a burr of half reading it half not. I then see a magazine I liked... that had a post on Glass Dharma giving away free straws!

Be one of the first 1000 people in April to write an essay Titled : “I love my glass straws”.  

Here is my essay:
I love Glass Straws Because

   I love glass straws! It's a very creative idea to help reduce and reuse. How can you beat that? You have 2 out of the eco-friendly three Rs. And knowing the fact you can't recycle the plastic straw then it is a win win product. Walking the walk talking the talk of being green. NO more of these plastic straws and those static charged paper liners. Plus supporting a green company.

 Who could not love glass straws! It is a reward to our littlest environmentalists that do the right thing but keeps fun in reusing. Plus the fun factor is also important to keep the young mind interested in keeping up recycling, reducing and reusing! A perfect gift for your eco-friendly person on your gift list. Hint hint, to all my family reading this.... However my daughter shouldn't be reading this... I know she likes the color straws.... Even as a grown women I know she would love these. I know her mom does!!!

So head over to Glass Dharma and get your free glass straw!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winner of the Hidden Recycler

i like that bag is made from 65% post-consumer resin

The winner!! 

Gala has 48 hours to answer my email!! 



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