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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Planet Green Idea CHPs

Combined Heat and Power system.... hummmm

they are about three times more efficient then fossil fuel. CHPs aren't emissions free (they run internal combustion engines with natural gas) but because they capture the heat produced by the power generation, they produce a lot more energy per ton of CO2 released. CO and nitrous oxides that are released is said to be that of your kitchen burner. They can heat the water and make electric at the same time. You can sell your unused electricity back to the grid. Plus if you add radiant heat you can lower your gas usage yea something to dream on..........
But then geothermal would cost $30,000
CHPs well one for my small house would be $13,000
Geo has problems with sanding soil or too much solid rock in some areas, plus the fact the house is already build may cause problems........ so I dream,

Japan has started to use these systems. Japanese government promotes them and they are in use in many factories, commercial buildings, restaurants, spas, hospitals, schools! Right now the states are focusing on commercial and industrial sites not the homeowner. But then again that is quite alot of money. Japanese business joined together to share the cost of improving the system. The gas company working with the equipment manufacturers. That would like Dominion East Ohio working with General Electric. They started big then moved to improve to help produce one for the home.
In my researching this area I have found out that Kent State University right in in Norhteastern Ohio is working on gas-fired electric generators (turbines) with heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) for the University. Great going! This project started in May of 2002... not sure where it has gone from there. I have learned that they capture about 55% of their steam needs. Not sure what are their steam needs but sounds great. Check it out.

Guess if it wasn't much more than replacing your heating system it would pay off in the long run, but not to just get to help the environment most of us couldn't afford. Like replacing your toilet with a low flush that will only run you around a hundred dollars. Maybe when you build your new house??

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