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Monday, June 29, 2009

Still Bugs Me

I had to replace my windshield of my car. When I said something about the windshield becoming a new kitchen back splash or bathroom enclosure, the tech told me that it was going to the landfill...
My daughter told him wrong thing to say to her.........

Oh yea....

Guess Northeastern Ohio needs a glass recycling plant! What a waste that all that glass was just ending up in the landfill. His truck had many broken windshields plus a few new ones that would be replaced by the end of the day...... he tried to explain that there is plastics mixed in and that it wasn't easy to recycle. I just looked at him with this yea right look. I know I have seen products on Planet Green that where made from recycled glass including windshields from airplanes....

Then at work I notice that we recycle plastic and paper but not glass the easiest thing to recycle, there is less carbon footprint and it can be used for so many new things like new bottles...........

The closest I found to dealer that sell recycled glass tiles are Oceanside Glasstile at Virginia Title Co. in Warrensville Heights and Brooklyn Heights

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