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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The double edge Sword of being green

I find that many items that are being label green or eco-friendly are very misleading. Ok yes it true they may have been made from 100% recycled whatevers, but if they are made in China, Japan, or anything overseas is that really green?

Because green is more than just reusing and make something from recycled products. It's about the environment. That includes the gas that the airplanes use to fly the product to the states. The gas it uses to ship the product all over the states. PLUS it is more energy to recycle plastic that to make new plastic or glass. Glass recycling is the easiest. Ever watch a glass blower? All it needs is to be reheated and reshaped. Steel and aluminum are easy to recycle also it the same matter. But still take a lot of energy.

It also sad to say that little of the plastics we put in the blue bags or recycling bins make it to become that can be recycled again. Items that are marked made with recycled plastic can be made from plastic that are just mistakes from the factory never making your grocery store let alone your recycling center. Most of the time the plastic from the recycling center are made into plastic lumber and parking lot bumpers. Not all plastics are recycled!! Eleven states are sueing the American Plastics Council for misleading the public. Because many buy these bottles think that I am recycling them, it won't hurt the environment and are never recycled. New York State is quoting $5 per ton of plastic as what they receive from recycling companies. It doesn't work out to be cost effective. Because before they are shipped they must be separated into each number that you find on the bottom of your plastics. Plus it is a hit or miss business. At one time they will be a big demand for the plastic then none for months. Not a sound business venture in this troubled times it wouldn't not be a sound investment.

Plastic recycling also contributes to health problems. That areas with plastic recycling centers have pollution that can effect those with weak amunine systems. Most of the center however are located in countries with weak environmental controls. I'm sure we all have smelled the horrible smell when someone placed a plastic item to close to the stove, threw it in the fire or overheated in the microwave. :Shudders: Could you imagine that 24/7?

Sad is that the general public is thinking that their recycling, reducing, reusing and buying eco-friendly marked product actually help the environment. But it can have a misleading label, use more energy than needed to remake and just be not worth the extra money.

I would say that reusing would be your best bet. Not buying the water in plastic bottles, but reusing a water bottle or sports bottle. Same with container that hold food and remember don't reheat your food in the microwave in plastic containers.

That buying something just because it says recycled may not be what they claim. Remember that buying local manafactured items is better for the environment and the countries economy................ If you can use what you got you don't need to buy new even if it is marked made from 100% recycled whatever.....


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