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Sunday, August 23, 2009

List of things to make

Ok maybe it is a list of things that I think would be cool to make. I don't have a dumpster in my backyard but wouldn't it be cool to have a swimming pool made from dumpsters. I really would love to make a window farm. . I think it just the time I am not looking forward to...

But I really loved the truck farm A film maker has a farm in the back of his Dodge Ram truck that he drives in Brooklyn, New York.

So I think after the window garden the first project I might actual do is make my own hammock

I also found a project that I really could do. Solar Jars or Moon Jars. But I would not buy a new solar light. I have had some break and my dad is trying to fix them. Plus he was wracking his brain - that's my dad's dads'speak for you, to make something to put on the patio table. So I show him the lifehacker page and well guess I am not making a Solar Jar or a Moon jar.... my dad is talking about making it. I will post a picture of it after he makes it... One for me and one for him.

Why not dream big? I saw this nice minibuilding. built with earthbags. Looks like a hobbit studio. to go with my hobbit house.

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