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Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer cook outs

It been awhile since I was a girl scout leader but I miss the camp outs...

We made solar cookers out of pizza boxes.
Cut the top one inch border around three sides (the part by the box leave attached
Keep the top and cover the opening you just cut with a cooking bag on the inside.
We used packaging tape
Line the inside bottom with black construction paper
Cover that with heavy duty foil
Cover the lid (that faces the open box-the part you cut) with heavy duty foil.

Close lid when baking, have the flap that is cover with foil propped up with a stick

We did English muffin pizzas, corn chips with cheese and chili, s'more's

I always wanted to make a bigger solar oven but they didn't like waiting for their food!!
I found a wedsite Solar Cooking Archive Reflective Box Solar oven . I just might make that one of these days when I get bored.


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