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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pink for what?

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month seems like many items are turning pick.  We have chips, cake mixes, make-up, cleaners, toilet paper, sponges, paper towels,  and more with the famous pink ribbon on it.  Of course we have more personal thing with the pink ribbon too,  we have t-shirt, sweatshirts, aprons, blankets, coffee cups, thermos bottles, water bottles and stickers.

I have no problem with the pink ribbon per say... just that some of the things that sport that beautiful pink ribbon are full of Chemicals that are know to help cause breast cancer. They are called endocrine disruptors because they mimic estrogen in the body. Plus the chemicals that  disrupt hormones... So we have heard the reports of the birth control pill and breast cancer, however they do only raise your chances a small percent.

Studies also have shown that Obesity can play a big part in breast cancer also. Fat cells increased estrogen secretion.

So when I see pink ribbon chips, cookies, cakes, mints, candy and muffin mix....... I have to shake my head.

I get it why this works......... we love to get something for nothing.  We buy some chips that have the pink ribbon, some of our money goes to help fight breast cancer... we get something we want and we get to help fight a horrible disease. It a win win deal!!

We get to fight like a girl.... save the tatas ..... save second base ....... Pray for a cure...

So I leave the food, as I am trying to make more from scratch. Ok once in a while I get a pink ribbon candy item or corn chips....
And I buy the pink ribbon reusable things for Miss Animal Rights who want to do her kitchen in all pink ribbon stuff .......  Yes she has those pink ribbon sponges!!


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  1. It's a little much. To me...take all the money people spent on buying PINK things and just flat out give it to Susan Korman Foundatio. All the money wasted on pink sneakers and other items that the NFL players wore this month? Sheesh.



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