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Monday, October 11, 2010

Standing on a Street Corner

So yesterday I had the day off and was driving to the store.  And yes I live in a city not a huge city but big.  I saw the craziest thing standing on the street corner!  I saw 2 football players and 3 cheerleaders. Wait they were not walking home from practice or waiting for the bus. That what I thought when I first pulled up to the light.... Because they walked up to the cars in front of me with their helmets out and the girls where cheering.......  They were begging for money..... I thought WTF.... there is store right there they can stand outside there...Which is a very big thing in this area, groups outside the doors of a store. .. But  they were on the other side of the street also....Right in front of Dairy Queen...... I thought how scary and dangerous this could be.... The other side did have an adult but mine side didn't... I guess I am the worrying parent...

OK I have real problem with the schools having to SELL candy and magazines and that cheap expensive crap that they have those little catalogs to help the school. I mean really our kids having to sell stuff just for the school.  I think that the schools shouldn't have to do this. Dang they are in charge of our children! Their futures and OMG standing on a street corner or door to door should not be something they should do!!!!!!!!!! Arg....

I understand that the ways some schools are cutting back are in the "extras" like sports and other elective programs.  I know that it isn't easy making ends met and it getting harder and harder but pan handing on a busy street??? It was at the area we call 5 corners, where 5 streets come together......

Maybe I am thinking to much or worry to much but this whole thing bothers me......
Would you let your kid stand on a busy street corner to ask for money for his/her sport?


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  1. I would definitely not let my kid stand on a busy street corner to ask for money. It's too dangerous. I would rely on family to donate money. What the schools sell is crap. You're totally right about that one! I'd rather donate money to the school and spare myself on the junk. Apparently safety is not the number one concern of schools. It's shameful!



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