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Friday, October 29, 2010

Too much Candy!!

So trick or treat  week-end is coming up! Oh the candy....The candy.... Oh we used to have candy until Christmas. I would throw it away and replace it with the Christmas candy. Then we throw that away and replace it with Easter Candy.... Well if I only had  something like  Halloween Candy Buyback!

So if you got way to much candy; why not let a dentist buy it back??

. Check out the Halloween Candy Buyback site. Where you can search for a dentist in your area that will give you around  a dollar a pound for your candy.  Wait they do something good with it. They send the candy to Operation Gratitude , who sends it to our soldiers. Win win. You get rid of candy you have too much of, the kids get some pocket money and our soldiers get some candy and a lift in spirits!

Yea the older kids might not like the fact it is only a dollar a pound but hey that one more dollar they didn't have before.. Plus a great way to get rid of the candy that you don't like of course after you bargained with your friends... ( and the candy mom and or dad needed to inspect closer...)

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  1. Nice post, it is true with all those candies, what are you going to do. I am not a Christian and more over in Malaysia we don't celebrate Halloween in a trick or treat. Maybe some of those pubs with have costume parties for adults. Anyway, Happy Halloween to you and family



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