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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

adults only. Lube talk

Happy Valentines Day!   With Valentines Day on it way I found this so fitting for the occasion......

Many of the popular personal lubricants are petroleum based.  Meaning that many ingredients are not also the best thing to put in a very sensitive personal place.  Many of the ingredients are the same thing that are used in motor oil!  I do however think that if you are not in a commented relationship, as to say you need; to use the over the counter products for protection of the HIV virus, but that is just me. I not a medical personal type person.  I just think that  one needs to be very careful with this disease.

Ingredients you should avoid:
propylene glycol
synthetic fragrance

Yes there is many lubricants that are eco-friendly that are for sale in health food shops and on line. But the can cost more than the name brands. Much more.

2 cups water
2.5 Tbsp flax seeds
Boil the water to a full rolling boil. Add flax seed.  simmer until reduced to half. Around 20 minutes
strain and let cool. Place in bottle. Store in refrigerator. Room temp will last only a few days.

Can also used as a hair gel. But really don't use to used stuff, but then if you are having a wild night.(I'm jealous) .. it doesn't hurt if it  gets into your hair.....



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