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Friday, February 5, 2010

Eco-friendly cat litter

So we the cat owners (or should I say care givers?) that cat are very finicky creatures that hate change. If you change there food they may stop eating. Change where the litter box is well, they find a place they think it should be... SO the best thing to do is slowing start adding a new product to the old.

My problem is I find this great advice  at the Greenwala site but now I get to find an animal feed supply or farm/ranch store in my area.  I live in a urban area. SO I will blog about the ideas and maybe find a store where I can get the products and tell if they work.  Heck maybe just to add to the cat litter to help control cost for a while!

corn based cat litter..

simple corn scent - no added perfumes or chemicals
cats easily adjust to it
Clumps naturally
Absorbs odors natural
mold can grow from the moisture
GM crop....

Greenwala suggestion:
Chicken scratch (otherwise known as cracked corn).

Wheat based

earthy smell - with no chemical additives
Clumps naturally
Absorbs odors natural
Biodegradable, flushable and compostable
Uses natural enzymes for odor control
cats eat the litter
tracking through the house
hard to scoop
GM crop

No subs.........

Wood pellet
Woodsy smell
can be reused as mulch
Sold a the big box stores
some cats hate it.
Very heavy
pellet end up all over house (doesn't most litter??)

Greenwala suggestion:
natural wood fiber horse bedding

Well idea saved... too bad my grandfather isn't still around;  he would  have had either (both!) and let me have a little to experiment with...... No he would tell me, "Get out of the city girl!! Breathe some fresh air and get some dirt between your toes"......... Giggle..........

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