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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Way to Go Walmart

So one of my secrets so to speak is that I work for the Walmart Corporation.  Yep the big box store.
But today I watched a web cast on Treehugger with Walmart president and CEO Mike Duke announcing that the company is pledging to to eliminate 20 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions from life cycle of products we sell around world by 2015!

Go Walmart! Go Walmart! 

Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger started with prerecorded message teaching the veiwers what is global warming and ways to cut your carbon footprint.    

This will be done on the store level and  in partnership with our suppliers. The company has done well with reducing the carbon footprint of the truck fleet.  If you think about it: this isn't to hard for a big box company like Walmart.  There are many suppliers and companies that would supply Walmart with more  sustainable products to the 8,000 retail units under 53 different banners in 15 countries. Working with Environmental Defense Fund Walmart has been conducting "Sustainability Roundtables".  This also happens at the store level and online.  I missed the last meeting I had a appointment.   Walmart also plans on remodeling stores and build more stores with the environment in mind.  Building more eco-friendly buildings and remodeling store for energy efficiency.  My store is planned for this remodel this year. I am excited to hear Walmart is not just giving lip service to the problems of global warming but doing something. In turn this is leading the way to make other companies to wake up and  do something to help our environment.   

We use many sustainability practices now.   We have many stores that are using renewable energy, recycling and energy efficient practices.  We have recycle bins in our break room. Paper is shredded and recycled.  And all the rumors about the food we throw out is the fact many things can not be donated because of safety reasons.  We don't eat out dated meat.  Many food industry companies have to throw out meat and milk product for safety reasons.  However every night I work I donate our bread (the day before it expires) to the area food bank. So yes Walmart donates food. You don't have to sign the petitions that are circling the net; it is already happening.

Plus as small as our Plus Program at Sam's the Evalues where the member can upload savings to thier card.  Saving paper waste where one can get coupons on their membership card.  I saw this as keeping up with the times.  Walmart is in the twenty first century leading other companies saying come on catch up! No cutting coupons or forgetting them which I am so guilty of doing!

Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp thanks Wlamart for looking at the  Big Picture.  Cutting carbon footprint.  Doing well by doing good. Getting competitors to keep up.
Cutting  packaging and plastic. Lighter weight packaging. Lower cost! Means lower cost for us.

Fox Home Entertainment Doug Grossman also was on the webcast.  His company promises to cut packaging and plastic. Lighter weight packaging Lower cost!  This is already started.  He explained that this is happening in Hollywood and on set on many movies.  Suppliers offering a higher percent recycled product in the making of the final product.  This inturn will help the product over all carbon footprint.


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