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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Need to Clear the Air

Being winter here in Northeastern Ohio it becomes very important to keep the air in your house breathable. Indoor Pollution and it is not from the outside air. 

Air fresheners are toxic!  Air fresheners are made with  synthetic fragrance that basically just  numb your sense of smell.  They don't cover up the smell they just irate the lining of your nasal passages to not notice the order just the air freshener.  EPA  studies show that air fresheners produce formaldehyde-related compounds.  Formaldehyde! 

Air fresheners are more toxic for our children. It is been said that they may help with the rise in asthma in our children. Asthma is up to 12% of our children are asthmatic.

Natural ways to freshen your home:
Fresh flowers or plants
Lavender sachets   Our grandmothers put lavender sachets in her drawers and packed clothes to keep them smelling fresh. 
Real potpourri made with dried flowers, herbs and citrus slices which look very cool...  
diffusers with pure essential oil Make sure the bottle says pure essential oil. Plus herbs and EOs have healing qualities also.
herbs Clean with herbs or use sachets or potpourri

Baking soda sprinkle on carpets, use like you would in the refrigerator, place open box in a area that will not be tipped over... like the top shelf in your closet.  
Clean! Find the source of the smell and clean it.  Plus keeping your house clean also keeps the air clean.  Darn Do I have too?? LOL

Watch wearing Perfumes and colognes.
Environmental Health Network (EHN),perfume contained over 800 compounds.  EHN also found many ingredients that are suspected carcinogens and hormone disruptor  linked to reproductive disorders.  hummm we wear perfumes and colognes to smell good for finding a life partner... but it can cause problems with our hormones.  Then if we do get married we might have problems having babies.  Doesn't sound like what you see from the ads.  

Natural Perfumes and Cologne
Make your own perfume and cologne!
 Add pure essential oil to a base oil like Almond oil,  everclear or vodka!  Let mingle together for two months without opening.  Jojoba oil is a little expensive but is odorless and keeps longer then other oils.

To make a cream based perfume use  1 tbs. oil, 1/2 tsp. bees wax, and 1/4 tsp. of EO.
Melt wax with oil in the microwave is the easiest.  Let cool. Add EOs.  I reuse my mineral make-up containers for this.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe naturally...........


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  1. Great ideas! Even if someone knew nothing at all...isn't it obvious that air fresheners are toxic by the way you can hardly breath after spraying them? Or the way you can taste it in your mouth? Maybe it's just me.

    Ecos has a natural spray that's lavendar mint.



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