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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Give Love Foundation

The Give Love Foundation is something that I heard about from the wonderful actress Patricia Arquette.The Give Love Foundation is working  with displaced communities and Haitian partners to build container housing. They are using the shipping containers that the supplies are shipped over to Haiti

 Buy this beautiful necklace and all the processes go to the efforts of  Give Love Foundation. I should have had more than 2 girls... LOL I like that necklace but my finances right now are shaky.

Have you seen shipping  container housing?  It not like what you think. It can used to make some very different or very conventional. See many different prefab or container houses here. But the coolest one I saw on Planet Green . I forget the name of the show, sorry. But the house was a prefab house, that can easily be containers, and they over lapped that right in the middle of was a open area with a tree growing there. And outdoor living spaces even on the second floor. Like balconies off the bedrooms, dinning rooms, and living room...

Shipping containers have wooden floors, instillation, and are very waterproof. Windows can be added and modern appliances.  They first their green make-over as storage sheds.There are roughly 17 million  not in use!  But many architects and building designers saw a easy way to build house for less money while reusing materials. There seams to be a architect in many areas, from the West Coast to Japan.

I love the idea of the cabin. Think that could help many areas with a camping area for the girl  and boy scouts camps. Or even quick housing for places like Haiti. Where they need shelter fast.  Second homes in warm climates..... I could go on and on......

The average size is eight feet tall, eight feet wide and either 20 or 40 feet long but many times there number of containers placed together. They are place beside or on top of each other.  To help make the home that seller wants. There is even some free 3D CAD Design Software to help you if you want to explore this eco-friendly housing. Shipping Container House Plans 1.1


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