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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Helpful plants for the garden

Banana peels and lemons are good compost for roses. Bury them around your rose bush. It is said they will help your rose smell stronger. Onions planted near rose are said to be sweeter. In turn the rose smell stronger. Plant parsley near by for the same effect.

Plant basil to keep away fruit flies. Perfect for in the kitchen. In the garden it repels many pests like aphids, mites, and mosquitoes.

Three sister planting. A Native American way that is corn, beans and squash. The corn acts a the "pole" for the beans and the squash (watermelon, cantaloupe or cucumber) acts a ground cover to keep in the water.

Mints are said to help repel many pests. But you might want to use containers for the mint they love to take over your garden. I am doing the container gardening so no problem for me.

Marigolds (also help keep the soil free of pests) and garlic are smells pests don't like. I just pick up some at Home Depo for 99 cents for 6!

Rue helps keep pests away from roses fruit trees and raspberries; humm I have to get some for my raspberry bush. Plus keeps away cats and other thieves from your garden.

Peas help your soil by adding nitrogen and can grow well by anything.


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