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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hair and fur clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill!

How cool is that? Animal hair and human hair being used to soak up the oil spill in the Gulf.  A
is taking donations of hair, fur, wool and nylons to help the clean-up efforts in the Gulf.
Plus it doesn't matter if the hair is dyed or permed so salons can easily donate! One site I found  while looking for the organization that was taking donations of hair;  a gentleman replied that he works at the main office for Petsmart and would have the stores collect the hair from their grooming departments. 

   A hair stylist; Phil McCrory, came up with this idea after the  Exxon-Valdez oil spill! Then the group Matter of Trust joined  forces to help the oil spills and cleaning up the oil on our beaches.  McCrory also manufacturers mats for gardening that  helps keep down weeds between rows. Plus they are used with oil changes or companies that work with oil products. Wow one idea turns into a environmental masterpiece. Great work!!! 

The hair also can easily become fertilizer for the ocean floor. The booms as they are called are  totally biodegradable.Talk about composting. 

So at the church council meeting Miss Animal Rights brought this idea to the floor. We have a couple hair stylist on the board. they are looking into their salons adding  to the donations to Matter of Trust. 

Most of the oil that is in our water ways comes from used motor oil. About 50% of us cahnge our own oil but only about 33% recycle the oil. Used motor oil can be re-refined into base that can be used for a lubricating oil. Plus it can be burn for energy with minimum pollution. You can find out where in your area you can recycle your used motor oil at Earth911. Many car repair shops will take your used oil. I had searched my area and got 6 pages of places.

So I thought I do this blog, you never know someone could know someone that runs a salon out of their home or a animal grooming business! Help clean up the gulf spill.  PLUS recycle your used oil.....

The crazy thing is I also learned of other oil spills that aren't as big as the BP gulf coast spill but to think all this oil that is getting spilled in our oceans makes you wonder is this really worth it. 

PLUS if you use DAWN dish-soap please go to the  Dawn website and activate a donation of a dollar for every bottle you buy.  I can't use Dawn dish-soap... I use 7th Generation dish-soap.



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