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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am Having Nightmares!

So if you live in Ohio you have seen the video that is giving me nightmares. It been on the news. I saw it first on line last night from reading the newspaper online. Cleveland.com. It was a undercover video of a Ohio dairy. A guy undercover for group called Mercy for Animals shot the video.

I am telling I have seen animals butchered, helped my grandmother pluck feathers and more. She used to tell me that I should respect these animals for they give their lives for us to eat. Or they give of themselves so we have food, their milk or eggs. But  OMG! But this video really had me shocked. If you think you want to watch it you can find it here. Warning it is so disgusting the way they treated these animals.

Really I had nightmares! I dreamed that I was one of those animals but I was still a woman. And was treated like that as they abused me and my family. I guess I do have to wonder if someone can be that sadistic and cruel to an animal how do they treat people???? Gee if I didn't like PETA I send them my dream as a idea for a controversial commercial they like to do.

But even after one of my co-workers freaking out asking someone "please, please change the channel I can't watch this" today at lunch. Something good is coming out of the video. The guy that did the "bragging" of abuse is now in jail. He is charged with 12 counts of cruelty to animals. Farm animal abuse is a misdemeanor in Ohio, punishable by 90-days in jail. 12 times 90, might not be enough!The owner released a statement saying he knew nothing of this treatment and plan to cooperate with the authority's on the investigation and are planning a  internal investigation. But I read that he is in the video also......  I just saw on the late news a company and  I didn't catch the name is now canceling their contract with the farm due to this video..  I tried  to google it but I just got links to the video on tons of newspapers and TV stations around the world! 

But talk in the lunch room turn to how could someone tape that and not say anything, or do anything... I agreed.  I will not let Miss Animal Rights see it......... She the type that crys at movies when animals get hurt. I can't let her see this video. She really doesn't want to anyway! I wish I never did!


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