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Thursday, February 3, 2011

It is 7 degrees where is your globial warming now?

Oh yea I hear that all the time from my debaters... The better term to explain the winter blast and blizzards that has hit this country is climate change.  The fact is that yes the arctic shelf is melting.  The North pole and south pole are getting smaller every year. The fact is NASA believes that the ice is getting thin and has gotten thinner by 40% since 2004.........

 So what the heck does this mean? so what they say.... well seeing how you have to remember that adding ice to anything changes it... the sea levels  rise. the currants change.......... I remember seeing the show with ex President Clinton where he showed that the European shore including Untied Kingdom could be covered in ice and snow as in a new ice age...That adding more liquid to the air produces more precipitation but can dry up in other ares making them  desert like...
The EPA has a site explaining this...

Crazy think is people don't think it is important that we 
try to stop this now , stating that why should they worry they aren't going to be around for it, or stating that there is plenty of oil and gas. 

Yea but the oceans can't be replace.  The ice shelves can't magically be replaced.....
But I think that the movement to change the thinking of big business and governments is slowly happening.... I have to think that  


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