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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's happening again...

Hey where are those young gentlemen that will snow blow my driveway for 5 dollars???? Guess they are really really busy today!!

If you live in the  North East you know the storm that is going threw our area.

The view from my front door...

Some areas the news said got a inch a hour.... they are in the snow belt of Ohio, where because of Lake Erie they more snow.... 

It's great packing snow! SO all those kids that have the day off, can build snow figures. LOL 
In front of my garage! after I shoved... AND I didn't do the whole driveway.

I was sweating under my coat but my face was burning from the wind and cold... so I only did part of the driveway and my sidewalks for the people who will probably still walk in the middle of the road during the snow storm later because not everyone shoves their sidewalks.... grrr....

But last time I got to drive to work in a snow storm, yea I went 40 MPH but then at rough places I went 20MPH.  Tool me 40 minutes to get to work, when it normally takes 20.  then it took me a hour to get home from work later that night and gasp I was a half a mile behind a snow truck, I think by the looks of the road they where plowing.... cause the next lane looked like it had 4 inches of snow....

Ah the joys of living in Ohio.... And the kicker is it was 50 something with rain...last week and next week we are in for more rain..... Yea flooding ahead for the area....


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