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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ziplock bags recycling coming to a Grocery Store near You

It is estimated that 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are throw away everyday. Plus it takes over a thousand years for them to decompose. Only 13% is recycled.... that's 87% ending up in our trash, many being eaten by the wildlife.... Your child can produce around  180 plastic baggies just from school lunches!! 

 Yes it is true that SC Johnson, the parent company of the Ziploc brand,is starting a recycling idea! SOON you can right next to the store plastic bags recycle bin;  recycle your ziplock bags! You will of course need to wash and dry them before placing them in the bins... that is any ziplock sandwich, storage, or  freezer bags.

Recyclebank where you earn points for recycling. Of course my area doen't have the curb recycling that is with Recyclebank But I earn points other ways... Like typing in  the codes from speically marked ziplock bags on the site!!

They estimate that over 18,000 stores will be part of the program and the first store will bin Texas.....

You can even win Cuisinart® GG-12 Green Gourmet Eco-Friendly Nonstick Hard Anodized 12-Piece Cookware Set or the Big Green Cookbook!!



  1. That's great news - now if only we could use reusable baggies instead!

  2. I know I think that would be great but then I am thinking if this helps others start to become green well I guess it is worth it.........



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