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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Your Cookbook??? Or is it Portions?

According to the Cornell Study Older cookbooks can make us healthier. Mostly because of portion control.. supposedly recipes have less fat, but I found nothing that really said that in those words in the article... I guess the fact is that we need to watch our portions and use less trans-fats, salt and sweeteners...

I have a cookbook that I use that was my grandmother who I lost when I was only 8 years old.  Miss Animal Rights wants that book she tells me that she will pass it on to her daughter... I use it for peanut butter cookies, fudge and bread sticks that I also use to make as pizza dough!
It was published in the 50's.  So I guess it not the old cookbook in the study they are talking about...

But I believe that many of the prepackaged foods are high in sodium, fat, preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners,  and flavors; things that our bodies have a hard time digesting.  Plus if you read the label many time the amount that we eat is more than one serving... many people blame the "fast food giants" for that, you know the super size and biggie that for me, we get use to larger potions... eating more than we need... If you check the label on the "healthy prepackaged foods" you will see high sodium and artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors.

SO what is a momma to do???

So maybe the healthier thing is limit  using these foods, I know I still can't find a rice recipe they like better then the package... Plus I know some days are realy rough and to say no meals like that without weaning them off the box...... is hard to do... I have slowly made fresh in place of the favorite prepackaged items, plus the few time I made something from a box I have some from scratch to go with...

But I still enjoy the ease of frozen fruits and veggies, they are picked fresh then "flash frozen" as the commercial says.... I was think I better add that if someone didn't know that yes they are packaged but not in the category of prepackaged foods per say.....



  1. Didn't know there are frozen fruits and vege. I am lucky that every housing area here in Malaysia there is a fresh food market or we called it the wet market, so buying fresh food is easy. But now supermarkets are coming up with cheaper raw food, fruits and vege but I still prefer to buy from the fresh makket

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