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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day!!

Wow I got lucky with my schedule I have today off and this morning it was 40 degrees and raining... last night it was freezing rain... and now the temps are going down to the teens..... yea the snow and rain will become ICE.... Chicago is having the third biggest blizzard the city has ever seen... Closer to home Cleveland and Canton has many homes without electricity. Lodi outlet mall was closed last night early. The Zoo and many more places closed for the last two days.

What really concerns me is the fact I watched the ticker tape at the end of the screen on my TV thinking dang... look at all those places. Of course my inner child said OMG it must be really bad out that the Rootstown school system was closed.... LOL but then I saw the zoo and the mall.... OK now it is really hitting home......
But my heart sank when I see in most of the county's the mobile meals are canceled.. It's our areas Meals on Wheels 

It kinda sad that the housebound that depend on those meals that are brought by volunteers might not have anything to eat for two days..... I understand that they don't want to endanger the volunteers.


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