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Friday, October 21, 2011

Chocolate and Peanut butter!

OH NO! They are saying now with the climate change we have had that there will be a shortage of cocoa... meaning chocolate.... between the spread of cocoa tree specific diseases and a drought.  Plus the fact that the demand for dark chocolate is up.  More cocoa is used when making the dark chocolate... With all the news of it's heath benefits. Come on Doc Oz sings it's praise! Less but not least, the fact that many trees are being planted in the full sun instead of the shade where they grow longer. So many trees are dying. They only grow 30 years or less in the full sun. They can grow for all most 100 years longer in shady understory. The mass production is catching up with the dangers. Many of the farmers are leaving their plantains due to low wages, not getting money they need to keep them going.

Earlier we heard reports of the peanut farms being in trouble due to the floods, droughts and hurricanes.   Many farmers are having less of a crop then they did last year.  And to add to the mess, last year they had a fungus attacking their crops.  After this news hit the airwaves we had someone at work;  a business owner, came in and  bought  up all the peanut butter off our shelfs. Stating that they had to raise prices already  and don't want to have to again fearing loss of business..... can't blame them.  I would do the same.  I mean we heard 300% increase... that's a huge jump in price.  Or worst then that running out of peanut butter.  Oh no not a good thing at my house.

I already have extra coffee in my freezer, after hearing that there maybe a coffee shortage.  I guess now they said that was wrong, but hey everything is going up.  So when the was on coffee sale I got a extra bag is something I can live with.   I also have a extra peanut  butter in the panty..... but I haven't got my chocolate for the holiday baking yet.... hopefully I can get some chocolate chips before the effect of the Ivory Coast hits the states.

PS the picture is fudge.  Hummm I make fudge for holiday presents.  Think people will mind if they don't a get a full pound or more this year??

But bigger picture then that: what's next? What is the next product we will hear is going to be the shortage? With prices going up and shortages.. kinda think we all are in for a ride with this economy.... Hold on, buckle your safety belt: keep your hands and feet in at all times......


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