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Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are ghost on my porch!

Recycled halloween crafts !

I remember seeing a craft from the magazine Family Fun. The thing is I didn't remember it fully. I didn't remember the lights inside... Some how I thought it was electric tape for the eyes and mouth... oh well they turned out great! I used empty oxygen boost bottle and a empty green cleaner bottle.  I even used empty milk bottles and cider jugs works well , even with the semi-clear bottles they look fine from a distance. I did add some off my rocks I used for drainage in my container garden to keep them on the porch and not to fly away to the neighbors yards...

I did lose a grave marker earlier this week due to the rain and wind.... I pulled in to the drive way noticed it in the neighbors yard.  By the time I got my cold stuff in the refrigerator.  It was gone.... Bummer....

I do want to make some jar cute-ies.  I don't remember where I saw them but jars being painted and decorated like pumpkins.  I thought I make some ghost too.  Plus the mummies like on  Family Fun  but with jars not toilet paper tubes.... but hey I have selective memory... but it still works out.


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