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Friday, October 28, 2011

Rainbow Hair Halloween

  Wow totally forgot that way back when we used to dye our hair with unsweetened kool-aide.....

What a great way to not use the toxic stuff they sell at the store.  Safer for younger kids and even should I dare say.... animals.....

But what I remember doing is adding enough conditioner to make a paste.  This paste is the hair dye, you add it the part you want to color.  We used to dye strands different colors.... You might want to wear gloves but it will wash out if you have to wash dishes afterwards... LOL.

I have heard of other people just using water. Or using water and a little conditioner.

But the longer you keep it on the better the color takes.  So many times you would wrap plastic wrap or use a shower cap and sleep with it on.  It does look brighter on lighter colored hair but many times I have seen brown hair girls do it and it comes out lighter or not as colorful but still fun!


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